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2019 Program

2019 program

2019 Program

Tuesday October 15:

2 - 4: Reverse Trade Show (Kat A-C) Free Admission

4 - 6: Ice Breaker hosted by (Kat D) Yukon Chamber of Commerce

6: Dinner buses 

8/9: Aurora tours


Wednesday October 16:

8: Breakfast 8.30 Welcome remarks 

9-10: Ilona Dougherty (sponsored by)

10: Health Break (sponsored by Capital Suites)

10:15 - 11Northern Farming: So much more then berries and shrubs:Throughout the north food instability is a serious problem facing each community.  Through advances in technology as well as climate change, the viability to grow our own produce year round is now becoming a reality.  As we harness our ability to grow our own regional produce, we are able to help grow micro and small businesses through ever increasing popular food markets as well as working towards selling local produce in local grocery stores. Through the building of “greenhouses”; maintaining of “greenhouses”; growing of produce as well as livestock & fish; and manufacturing the final product each Community has the ability to provide both skilled and non skilled jobs to their residents.  Offering youth, the opportunity to consider horticulturist as a career without leaving their community; as well as the community as whole in contributing to the health and betterment of their community.  (sponsored by)

11-12AI and cold go together like aurora and cold: We’ve got cold.  If done properly we could become the world leaders in cold weather aerospace testing. But why limit us there? The economic benefits from each testing session are limitless, so what do we need to do become the only place in the circumpolar region? (sponsored by)

12: Lunch

12.30- 1.30: Hon Preston Manning (sponsored by)

1.30 - 2.45Legacy of Mines - Education or Plaque: the corporate responsibility of industry has shifted its focus over the years from simply pulling out resources to committed members of a community.  It has now become industry standard to be a responsible corporate citizen.  What has improved sine this shift and what still needs to be done? (sponsored by)

2.45: Health Break (sponsored by Northview REIT)

3:00 - 4:00Tourism: expanding from aurora to …. The skies the limit: NWT Tourism has already done the impossible create a second tourist season for aurora viewing in the autumn so why can we not have tourists all year round and move them past Yellowknife?  How does the growth of tourism in the Arctic benefit communities? (sponsored by)

4.30: Movie TBD (sponsored by NWT Film Commission) Capital Thater

6Faux Gala: Our Gala my be Faux but the Fur is Real (sponsored by GNWT) Kat C


Thursday October 17

8: Breakfast 8.30: Welcoming remarks 

9-10: Dr Greg Wells (sponsored by)

10: Health Break (sponsored by Capital Suites)

10.15 - 11Coming soon to a region near you: World leaders in education and research: As both Yukon and the NT move closer to opening their polytechnic universities what are the areas of expertise that each region can offer? And with accessibility to post secondary education becoming more available how will the new universities boost small business. (sponsored by)

11 - 12Education from disaster the science of mine clean ups: Past mines have not always had the best reputation when closing down a mine site.  Through the tenure of the mine and afterwards the environment is exposed to spills, dumping and now improper use of chemicals.  As the shift moved to being environmentally aware of their footprint and long term health of their employees, mines are setting the example of green mining. This has also led us to the need and ability to remediate old mine sites that have been left for years.  But it is not just mines sites that need to by remediated in the Arctic but military bases, DEW lines, etc. all need to be cleaned up.  These disasters gives all 3 territories to produce world leaders in remediation projects.  (sponsored by SLR Consulting

12: Lunch

12.30 - 1.30: Scott Stratten (sponsored by)

1.30 - 2.45Why is the North the place to grow responsible resource development: The Arctic Economic Council put out a paper Nov 2018 that outlined the five pillars of responsible resource development. Along with the five pillars of responsible resource development, the paper outlined the leading practice guidance through TSM (Towards Sustainable Mining).  The theme that runs through the paper is the arctic investment protocol “to balance the Arctic as a homeland and as increasingly a region for economic development, the Investment Protocol of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on the Arctic aspires to promote sustainable and equitable economic growth in the region by furthering community well-being and building resilient societies in a fair, inclusive and environmentally-sound manner.  (sponsored by)

2.45: Health Break

3.00 - 4.00The Building Blocks to completing a Country: Pan Territorial Infrastructure: We are at a 40+ year deficit of infrastructure. The mineral and resource sectors will not come if we do not have energy efficient power.  We have the opportunity to open up 2/3 corridors to mineral and oil/gas rich regions with willing partnerships with the regional Indigenous Governments but as a pan territorial population of only 122,000 we cannot be rate payers and be expected by the federal government to build this infrastructure which is country building.  If we operate together we could produce the same success as the Wataynikaneyap Power Project

4: Closing remarks

4-6.30: Edmonton Closing Reception (sponsored by Edmonton Northern Partnership (Kat D))

6.30: Dinner buses 

8/9: Aurora tours