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Blair Hogan

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Blair Hogan

Blair Hogan

President, Gunta Business Consulting

Gunta Business Consulting (Gunta) is an Indigenous owned and operated consulting firm, headed by Mr.   Blair Hogan and headquartered in Whitehorse. Gunta, was established in 2012 and provides integrated business consulting services to a wide range of clients in government and industry. The interdisciplinary services offered by Gunta combine experience in business development, economic analysis, renewable energy, community engagement, and contract negotiations. Blair has a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Northern British Columbia and completed the Indigenous Clean Energy 20/20 Catalyst program in   2017. Blair also recently worked for the Yukon Development Corporation and was instrumental in successfully funding and installing the Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) biomass District Heating (DH) plant. Blair is very experienced at working with various Northern Indigenous communities, Economic Development officers, and various levels of government. Gunta has a proven record of accomplishment for providing quality services in a cost-effective and timely   manner.

Blair Hogan is a Teslin Tlingit First Nation who has a strong history of effective community leadership in the areas of business development, economic development, and   intergovernmental relations. Blair has assisted his self-governing first nation, the Teslin Tlingit Council and community of Teslin in developing political and financial strategies to access a wide-range of funds necessary to facilitate local community development and local opportunity creation. One of the biggest successes from Blair’s tenure as Executive Councillor is the successful development, launch and long-term financing of Teslin’s local economic development agency the Dèslin Development Corporation (DDC). Some more specific achievements with TTC is the development of a short-term investment policy that allows the government to earn an additional $300,000 in interest based off a more aggressive approach to holding cash than the traditional T-bills, GIC instruments. Also working with various directors and subject matter experts to determine the best approaches to developing and   capturing Own Source Revenue as a Self-Governing First Nation and working to create various opportunities for the community. 

Blair’s entrepreneurial spirit has been harnessed to assist local Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal businesses, First Nation trusts, First Nation organizations, northern and isolated communities, as well as various social enterprises and has a solid track record of developing funded proposals and business plans, economic development strategies, amongst many other objectives. Blair was honoured to be one of the participants at the 2015 Governor General Canadian Leadership Conference, being assigned to the Montreal study group (Quebec 1).  Blair is also currently pursuing a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) professional designation, and is anticipated in 2022.

Gùnáłchîsh (means “thank you” in Tlingit),